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DIY? SHM…. Don’t let your DIY wedding become OMG what have I done!?

So you found the man and you got the ring! Now it’s time to plan the big day. With the explosion of Pinterest and the DIY craze, it may seem like the easiest and most fun way to save on your wedding would be to make your own table arrangements, bouquets, invitations, heck even the cake. And you may be right…. But you also may be so, so wrong.

Ladies lets be honest. How many of us can realistically say we were blessed with the creative gene? I know I wasn’t. Sure, I can picture it in my head. But somewhere from my head to my hands something is lost in translation and POOF, my cute and simple project turns into a whole lot of cursing and crying and me curled up with a bottle of wine. Why put yourself through that?

Of course your special day requires a special touch and you want it to be a unique reflection of your love as a couple. But this doesn’t mean you, grandma and cousin Pearl need to spend hours on a DIY doily lantern or be up until 3 a.m. the morning of your special day tying ribbon around 25 centerpieces! I mean seriously, have you ever burned yourself with a hot glue gun? That **it hurts!

Leaving things to a professional doesn’t mean having to spend your life’s savings. At Everlasting Elopements, we work with in-house, independent, and local florists, bakers and photographers, to offer simple and elegant additions to your wedding ceremony. They get to know you, and design exactly what you want, for half the cost and stress of DIY or shopping around. We’re a one-stop-shop for a reason… it just makes sense. We want to leave the fun in while we take the stress out of planning your wedding.

Check out these hilarious DIY fails and thank your lucky stars that we’re here to do the work for you!