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Go big, go broke! Why smaller is better when it comes to your wedding.

1.You save money. Shoot, who couldn’t use a few extra dollars in their bank account? You’ve heard the expression “A wedding isn’t for the couple, it’s for the guests.” Well we call BS! You’re celebrating the biggest day of your life. Why should you shell out thousands of dollars to make sure your grandma’s cousin’s neighbor enjoys a nice meal? You shouldn’t!

2.A smaller guest list means you’re celebrating your special day with the people in your life that truly matter. Surround yourself with your closest family and friends. Hosting fewer people means you’ll actually REMEMBER who was at your wedding. You’ll get to spend time with your guests. Relax and enjoy your special day. Your wedding should be a celebration, not a production.

3.The smaller the guest list, the more options you have for wedding venues. Not needing a large space for a ton of wedding guests means you can choose a more unique and intimate ceremony location.

4.You can splurge. When you have fewer guests, you can spend money on things that truly matter to you, like a designer gown or a fabulous honeymoon! You get more “bang for your buck” so to speak. You can also add special touches to things like your flowers and cake. Or spend a little more on photography.

5.You have more freedom to customize your wedding. A small wedding offers an opportunity to design a ceremony and reception that truly reflect your love. This also means your wedding will be the “one they all remember!” Your special day wont be like all the rest and will stand out. And who doesn’t want that?

Here at Everlasting Elopements, we’re the small wedding specialists. We believe in everlasting memories, not everlasting payments.If you’re looking for an intimate, elegant and memorable wedding, then you’ve come to the right place.