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What To Consider In Picking A Venue November 08, 2017

Five things to consider in picking a wedding venue

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Win an all-inclusive wedding package! November 03, 2017

Like, share and comment on Facebook to win an all-inclusive wedding package on Marriage Island!

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Why We Love Small Weddings October 31, 2017

We understand that sometimes that dream wedding looks big in your head; 300 guests, string quartet, chocolate fountain, the works. Okay, maybe a chocolate fountain isn’t in your dream wedding, but you understand the sentiment. But here at Everlasting Elopements, we are the small wedding specialists, and we have good reason for that. 

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Focus on Me- Focal Burn Photography Captures the Moment December 31, 2015

As with most successful businesses, what started off as a part-time hobby developed into a passion and a career. For photographer Jesus Fonseca, capturing that special moment is his goal- whether it’s an engagement session, a wedding, or portraits. At Focal Burn Photography, Jesus focuses on those “gone in a flash” moments that are truly unique and special.

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