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The Love Hate Relationship With Pinterest November 22, 2017

Pinterest has its place in the wedding world. But how far down its path will you go?

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Uniting a family, not just a couple November 15, 2017

Remember the old ‘kissing song’, “first comes loves, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage”? Well, it’s old for a reason. Times have changed over the past few generations and more people are having children before marriage or marrying others that have their own children. Either way, it means that the wedding becomes about joining a family, not just a couple. And there are so many beautiful ways that they can be incorporated into a wedding that will unite a family for years to come. Of course, it can depend on their age what you are able to do, but there is always a way to bring them into the ceremony.

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What To Consider In Picking A Venue November 08, 2017

Five things to consider in picking a wedding venue

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Win an all-inclusive wedding package! November 03, 2017

Like, share and comment on Facebook to win an all-inclusive wedding package on Marriage Island!

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