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Battling the Budget

There are certain decisions that you have to make first whether you like it or not. And unfortunately, that first decision usually has to be a budget. You may not be able to put an exact dollar and cent amount on it at this point, but you at least have to be honest with yourself about what you can afford. According to the Houston Chronicle, the average cost of a full wedding in Texas is $11,177 and the cost of a civil ceremony sits at about $160 including the marriage license; so be ready to have that conversation with your fiance to decide where on that scale you would like to be. It plays a part in every decision you make hereafter.

Here at Everlasting Elopements we truly believe in creating Everlasting Marriages without the Everlasting Price. So we aim to make the most out of your budget. We have already done the legwork to find amazing vendors across South Texas that work with our all-inclusive packages to get you the best bang for your buck. You can walk away as a married couple for as little as $75 in one of our civil ceremonies or you can have the full wedding experience in our elopement packages starting at $549. And you have the ability to customize it to exactly fit your needs for the day. So while you have to be honest about your price point- you may be surprised at what that price can buy you. 

And if you don’t know what you can get- then send us an email! Let us know your budget and a few other details and we’ll tell you what we can do! We’re here to build your wedding and make your day special and stress-free.